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Ambutech Canes

Aroga is proud to be the exclusive provider of Ambutech Mobility Canes. Ambutech canes are highly customizeable and engineered to last, designed to help users be independent, active, and mobile. Everything about their canes, from the shape of the grip to how the joints come together, has been carefully designed specifically to make them function and feel better.

You are unique. Your clothes, your hair, and your accessories all reflect who you are, and now your cane can too. Amutech canes have a new cheerful modern look and the grips come in four bright, fresh colors.

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Ambutech Cane Brochure

Ambutech Product Catalog

For information on Ambutech Canes or to order your customized cane, call toll-free 1-800-561-6222.

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