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Aroga Offices

Head Office
310 Hopkins Street
Whitby, Ontario L1N 2B9
toll-free: 1-800-561-6222
email (general enquiries): sales@aroga.com
fax: 905.668.8846
local: 905.668.8886

Toronto Office
101-12 Concorde Place
Toronto, ON M3C 3R8
toll-free: 1-800-561-6222
email (general enquiries): sales@aroga.com
fax: 905.668.8846
local: 905.668.8886

Vancouver Office
7618 Winston St
Burnaby, BC
V5A 2H4
toll-free: 1-800-561-6222
email (general enquiries): sales@aroga.com
fax: 604.431.7995
local: 604.431.7997

Suite 103
1785 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 3Y6
by appointment only
toll-free: 1-800-561-6222
email (general enquiries): sales@aroga.com
fax: 905.668.8846

Alberta Regional Rep
Arlene Hansen
local: 1-800-561-6222
fax: 604.431.7995
email: ahansen@aroga.com

Suite 130
383 Boulevard Gréber
Gatineau, Quebec J8T 0B2
by appointment only
email (general enquiries): sales@aroga.com
fax: 905.668.8846
local: 800.561.6222

Who is Aroga Technologies?

Grove Bennett
Chief Executive Officer
ext. 1401
About Grove Bennett, CEO
Grove is an entrepreneur specialised in leading edge businesses that are technology based. Grove believes in a strategic vision, collective intelligence and the execution of such visions. Having the experience of running private and public companies, from operations, manufacturing, business development, finance and customer relations Grove has the skill set, dedication and determination to see Aroga become the number one recognised Assistive Technology company providing products, services and solutions globally.

Prior to becoming the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Partner of Aroga Technology Ltd. (Aroga) in July of 2014, Grove had a long history as an entrepreneur. He established his first business, a retail & wholesale sporting goods company servicing recreational & professional sporting activities such as ice hockey, snow skiing and soccer and later established a clothing manufacturing company to service the same industries in Australia. Grove successfully established relationships with companies such as Bauer, Nike, American Express and professional sporting associations such as the South Melbourne Soccer Club throughout the development of his owned and operated family businesses.

Grove got married, had two children (his true passion in life) and relocated to Canada in 2004 to work with publically trading companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange. As the Director of International Marketing & Customer Relations at Atlantis Systems International, Grove was responsible for the on-time delivery of the Integrated Maintenance Training System (IMTS), a maintenance training system for the F/A:18 Fighter Jet and a $44MM Canadian contract to the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Australian Air Force. In order to ensure the contract was successfully completed Grove worked closely with key Australian and Canadian Armed Forces personnel, program managers and suppliers such Boeing and Augusta Westland.

Grove has advanced his professional career at every stage having worked as Vice President of Marketing and more recently as President & Chief Financial Officer at Dynacert Inc., a leading edge technology company manufacturing Hydrogen Generating Systems. The company's key product line was produced to reduce Green House Gases (GHG) by improving the air quality and operating efficacy of diesel combustion engines for trucking fleets with Pepsi Beverages Company (Pepsi Bottling/Pepsi Co) being the primary beneficiary. The companies work later grew to include partnerships with Port Authorities and stationary generator markets were the pollution of GHG was exponential in size and scope.

Steve Barclay
Chief Operations Officer
ext. 1102
About Steve Barclay, COO
Steven Barclay (Steve) is one of the most respected voices in Canada in the field of assistive technology (AT). Educated in computer technology, Steve joined Aroga as the company's first employee to manage its service and customer relations department. In July of 2014 Steve became the company's Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Partner. Steve had previously worked in or managed every department of the company, most recently as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Steve has a passion for matching technologies to individual needs of people while working closely with education systems, school boards, government funding agencies and technology assessors. Steve is a co-author of Fostering Independence Through Refreshable Braille Technology, a research project funded by Human Resources Development Canada through the Office of Learning Technology. He is a founding member of the Children's Low Vision Project of British Columbia, a program that assesses children's vision needs in a classroom environment and provides technologies to assist with education. He has been a past organizer and volunteer for the Bowen Island Technology Camp, a partnership between Aroga, SET-BC - Special Education Technology BC and CNIB – Canadian National Institute for the Blind. He has also been a volunteer at Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students, a program offered for blind and visually impaired children in Huntsville Alabama.

Aroga Technologies Team

Rob Mineault
Graphic Design, Web Design, Catalogue Boy, Marketing Minion, Making receding hairlines look good, Captain Commuter
ext. 1109

Rick Chant
Service Manager, Minister of Electronic Embolisms, Lobster Cooker, Recipient of the Newfoundland Golden Screech Award three years running, Cookie Shakedown Specialist
ext. 1111

Ryan "Pinball" Fleury
JAWS Certified GraphicBlindness Products Sales and Support, Tab Master and All-Around JAWS Guru, Equal Opportunist, Baron of the Bass
ext. 1112

Arlene Hansen
Assistive Technology Specialist, AAC

Donna Stewart
ext. 1405

Di Bennett
Director Sales & Training
ext. 1402

Andrea Waller

Bram Caron
Assistive Technology Specialist

David Greenidge
Assistive Technology Specialist - Low Vision Man
ext. 1403

Alex Bennett
Assistive Technology Specialist - Low Vision Man
ext. 1404

Attilio Pugliese
IT and Networking