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Juliet 120

  • Juliet 120 Braille Printer
  • Juliet 120 Braille Printer
  • Juliet 120 Braille Printer - Side View
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Product Description

Juliet 120 is the most powerful and portable Braille printer ever made in the market. It uses fan-folded paper for interpoint braille, which is the most commonly used paper style for Braille embossers. Due to Its extraordinary performance and light weight (16lbs), Juliet 120 is the fastest portable embosser ever made. Juliet 120 is able to print 120 CPS (around 400 PPH) and can do this continuously 24/7 with an irreproachable Braille.

The Juliet 120 is much more than just an embosser. Juliet 120 represents a new era of Braille embossers with the most modern communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, High Quality American Synthetic Speech, Smart user interface, lighted keys and lighted control panel, braille translator included, remote support and much more.

But most important are the blind, their families and supporters. By combining all these technologies you are able to print your documents from your Ipad, Cellphone or by internet, by simply clicking in your device. No need of a computer, translator or cables wiring everything. You can be at work and print a document on the embosser in your son’s room; be in your office and DirectBraille from your Thumb Drive; be on your Ipad, at your teacher’s school desk and just print the test for your blind student too. DirectBraille (DB) enables braille printing of standard files as doc, pdf, txt, brf, etc. With DB the file is simply transferred to Juliet 120 which itself translates it to Braille (Grade 1 or 2).

Direct Braille (no need of a Braille’s translator) and Airprint (without cables and from wherever you want) have come to stay in the Braille world. Mainstream technologies are now at everyone’s fingertips.


Over 44 years of experience
Juliet 120 and Romeo 60 are the most efficient, compact and powerful tractor-fed Braille embossers in the market. The most famous braille embossers of the world (perpetuated in the 90’s) have now reborn, but now it's available with newest modern mainstream technologies like Wi-fi connection, Bluetooth connection, embossing from USB thumb drive, direct braille printing with no external braille translator need, and braille printing direct from any Apple or Android mobile devices.

Emboss from Mobile Devices
The new Enabling Technologies generation of embossers are compatible with almost all the mobile modern platforms. If you are in your Ipad, Iphone or Android Mobile device just Airprint (or open the embosser app) and send the file to your newest embosser. Due to the most recent mainstream technologies (wireless, or Network connections) the file will hit your embosser and the embosser will convert to braille the desired text through or dB (direct Braille internal Braille translator).

For the first time, the braille will be at your hands with no special work, effort or extra level of complication. You don’t need to edit, to open extra softwares or any other kind of specialized effort to get a very decent braille.

USB host port
For the first time ever, also, connect your USB thumbdrive to the USB port of your Enabling Technologies newest embosser – Juliet 120 and Romeo 60 – and your embosser will assist you to find the desired file, automatically will convert it to braille (no extra steps) and just relax, sit down and read your desired document, in an error-free copy.

Special Layouts for Special Needs
Even being very easy to change the layouts thru our new sensitive menu, ETC developed 8 special layouts to best suit the expectations of our demanding costumers. The predefined layouts would vary in between narrow paper and wide paper, regular braille and jumbo braille, and horizontal printing (regular) and vertical printing (booklet or magazine format).

Horizontal & Vertical Braille Printing
The Juliet 120 and Romeo 60 are the first embossers in the world for tractor fed paper, to be able to print sideways. Our special super-microprocessor inside, allows the end-user to print 4 pages in 2 sheets, in a way that only be need to staple in the middle (in the perforated divider line between pages), fold, cut only half of the perforations, and that’s it.

A braille book embossed in tractor-fed paper naturally folded is ready to be read.

A Friendly User Interface
For the first time, Enabling Technologies presents a one-touch key – one function control panel. It is a much more intuitive end user interface which allows the user to fully interact with the braille embosser and provides complete embosser control.

Graphics Special Support – Firebird Software
The Firebird Software, included with the Juliet 60, Romeo 120 and Phoenix graphical embosser is a comprehensive set of productivity tools that powers the overwhelming graphical capacities of our Embossers. The Firebird Software includes a special graphical editor that provides you with a comprehensive list of automatic tools to effortlessly create tactile graphic images and allow the application of graphical filters to make a clean tactile image to emboss.

To best service our faithful costumers Firebird Software is free of charge and allows you to open and edit .JPG, .TIF, .BMP, .PNG and even PRN files.

Affordable price
Enabling Technologies introduced a full pack of mainstream technologies, available for the most demanding costumer, with any price increase, over the last 10 years. Full of truly useful features and endless braille embossing opportunities, the newest Romeo 60 and Juliet 120 embossers are the most affordable embosser you can buy in the USA when you compare the investment you do with the number of pages per hour you get. The cheapest of cheapest don’t guarantee you quality. The tenths of thousand dollars, expensive and bulky embossers, doesn’t guarantee you the technology, the speed or the reliability Enabling Technologies is able to deliver in your new embosser.

Remote support
One of the major advantages of the mainstream technology we were able to embedded on board of our newest generation embossers, is the capability of remote support without the need of receiving the embosser in our facilities. Only exceptional situations, like the already very rare paper jams, we will not be able to solve thru our Costumer Support Centre. Due to tenths of internal sensors, these new embossers allows us to check and recheck the status of everything on-board, you only need to be connection to the internet, we will do the rest.

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