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Health care that provides

Rooted in evidence-based Lifestyle and Preventative Medicine, Infinity Care provides reliable healthcare for you and your family, 365 days a year.

The Evolution of Care

Infinity Care brings together Aroga’s team-based approach to treatment and expertise in Lifestyle and Preventative Medicine. Built intentionally to enable your Aroga team to dedicate more time to provide accessible and in-depth personalized care. Experience the care you and your family deserve.

Why Infinity Care?

From day one, your journey is guided by your dedicated Nurse Practitioner. Whether you require chronic illness management, or simply want the peace-of-mind of having an expert team that you can depend on, we’re here for you.

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This is Infinity Care

  • Concierge Primary Health Care

  • Exercise & Nutritional Coaching

  • On-Demand Virtual Care

  • Easy Prescription Renewals & Referrals

  • Lifestyle Medicine Health Assessment

  • Public & Private Health System Navigation

  • Cognitive Health Tracking

  • Educational Seminars

  • Access to Aroga’s In-house Specialists

  • Travel & Immunization Clinic

Infinite Benefits

Imagine the highest standard of health management and step-by-step support emphasizing care to you, empowering you and your family to elevate your health and well-being.

You-Centered Health Care

Your journey with Infinity Care starts with a complete medical exam and comprehensive health assessment focused on prevention and detection of early warning signs for heart disease, diabetes and a host of other preventable and often reversible chronic conditions.

Our Lifestyle Medicine Health Assessment goes well beyond a traditional health exam with screening tests, while also analyzing lifestyle behaviours including your nutrition, physical exercise, stress management, social connections, sleep and substance use. It’s the foundation of personalized care; to build better health that lasts a lifetime.

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Timely & Un-Rushed

Whether you’re being seen in-person or virtually, enrollment in Infinity Care is limited by design to provide ample time to take care of your individual needs. On-Demand Virtual Care is available for those moments you need quick access to Aroga’s Nurse Practitioner team, 365 days a year. The Aroga App provides seamless access and support to virtual services across Canada.

Rooted in Prevention

Your lifestyle is the key to unlocking wellness and health. Aroga medical professionals specialize in Lifestyle Medicine, an emerging branch of Medicine that uses evidence-based lifestyle interventions to prevent, treat and ultimately reverse many common diseases. Your journey with Infinity Care is guided by Lifestyle Medicine principles with in-house referral access to specialists in Internal Medicine, Sleep, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Endocrinology and Allied Health Professionals.

Deeply Collaborative Care

Aroga means total well-being of physical, emotional and mental health. It embodies our vision for health care, and what Infinity Care is all about. We are here to look at you in totality, listen deeply, collaborate, and ultimately empower you and your family to truly live with optimal health and vitality.

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