About us

Who we are

Aroga Lifestyle Medicine (uhh-row-gah) is a multi-specialty, collaborative lifestyle medicine healthcare organization created to inspire and empower patients to prevent, treat, and reverse many illnesses, and to ultimately increase their health, vitality, and joy. It's about looking at someone as a totality, listening deeply, and then ultimately helping them get back on track.

Why Aroga? It is a single word that perfectly captures what we are all about. In the ancient language of Sanskrit in India, the word “roga” means disease, infirmity, and sickness. But the simple addition of the “a” prefix at the beginning is similar to adding the “un” prefix in English. In Sanskrit, “aroga” came to mean much more than just the absence of illness. It means total wellbeing consisting of a healthy mind, body, heart, and soul. And that is truly what we are all about! It embodies our vision for healthcare.

Our passion for making meaningful change in someone’s life goes far beyond medicine itself. We build trusting relationships with our people, a sense of community and togetherness.


Our Purpose

Aroga was created to inspire and empower.  Not only can evidence-based lifestyle choices prevent the emergence of many major diseases, they have been shown repeatedly capable of treating these diseases once established and, in fact, represent the one and only way that these diseases can be put into remission or “cured.” 

As an active participant in your journey, the team at Aroga wants to see our patients succeed. Whether you are looking to reverse chronic illnesses, and their effects or only looking to get healthier, then the team at Aroga is here for you. Let us be your guiding hand, your cheerleader and your biggest fan. 


Our Care

Aroga uses the best evidence-based medical knowledge, digital technologies, and the art of health coaching to help patients understand how important elements of their day-to-day lives, including eating healthy meals, moving their bodies, getting restful sleep, minimizing the burden of chronic stress, avoiding substance use, and nurturing loving relationships, can unravel the very roots of chronic disease and water the seeds of health. 

Disease is a spark and the team-based care provided at Aroga is catalyst to a living with ease. Aroga is a place where patients and their families experience measurable positive health-outcomes and significant reductions in their healthcare costs, patients feel a sense of rejuvenation at each encounter, and clinicians look forward to Mondays!


Our Growth

Over the years, Aroga has been growing into the healthcare organization that thousands have known and love today. From what started as a small four-person team, has grown into an organization that has served over 10,000 referrals. Throughout this growth, our mission has never changed. We look to bring lifestyle medicine to our communities by working with inspired health care providers across the country.

Whether it is through our active care program or with our on-demand virtual care, Aroga makes your health and wellness our focus. Our patients experience measurable positive health outcomes and an immeasurable impact on overall happiness.

Your success is our success

We’re thrilled by each and every story. With lifestyle medicine at the forefront, we take pride in making sure that you reach a level of health and satisfaction that lasts. After all, when you succeed, that means we succeeded, too!


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Does our mission and story inspire you? We are always looking for great people to join the team.

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