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Aroga provides dedicated and unprecedented healthcare, accessible on mobile and online, for Canadian companies who care.

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Innovative healthcare solutions that fits your company needs

On-Demand Virtual Care

A robust, Canada-wide virtual care solution that will help you boost individual productivity, retain your people, and optimize your overall workplace environment.

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Executive Assessments

Comprehensive, lifestyle medicine annual health assessment. An in-depth look at your health patterns with the intention of disease prevention.

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A strong return on investment


Say good-bye to absenteeism and hello to increased productivity.

Help your employees level up their productivity by offering a convenient, always-on-call. And by default, be absent from work much less.


Lower your company costs.

Aroga ensures that your company can enjoy decreased costs for your medical coverage. We can help you save with everything from reduced drug claims, limited long-term or short-term disability claims and getting competitive pricing from online pharmacies.


Promote an inspired approach to wellness.

Aroga takes a proactive approach to wellness and can work with your employees and their families to get the most out of the app. Our focus on preventative medicine allows employees to be proactive about their physical and mental health.


Be an industry leader.

80% of employees would prefer great benefits over a pay raise. Aroga allows you to showcase state-of-the-art medical perks, including unlimited virtual access to nurses, doctors and leading healthcare professionals right here in Canada.

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The immense convenience of using this app was felt almost immediately. After my first visit, I was pleasantly shocked how efficient and smooth the process was!

Steven Mello

Our Impact and Results

Unlike in traditional medicine, your journey doesn’t end with a trip to the pharmacist. With Lifestyle Medicine, we take pride in making sure that you reach a level of health and satisfaction that lasts. After all, when you succeed, that means we succeeded, too!


Patient satisfaction rate


Employees have access to our platform


Corporate client retention rate

Companies of all sizes benefit from Aroga

From start-ups to multinational companies, the team at Aroga can support and provide your company with the healthcare coverage you have always wanted. 

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Partner with Aroga

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Group benefits that people need and use.

With Aroga, you can partner and upgrade the group benefits that your plan members enjoy. Features such as access to leading Canadian doctors, nurses and medical professionals will ensure your plan members can enjoy using their medical benefits. 

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We understand you and your needs. Let us handle your health and wellness.

Aroga can provide your start-up or tech company with the medical coverage that will ensure your company can grow. We have embraced technology and will allow your employees to get access to medical needs they need, any time, anywhere. 

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Health and wellness coverage for all your students and staff.

As education starts to move to a hybrid model, your health offerings should adapt as well. Aroga provides your students and staff with a state-of-the-art health care solution that will deliver the healthcare they need anywhere, anytime. 

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Partner with Aroga to offer health and wellness to all your members.

Extend our virtual care platform to all your existing members as an added value-add of being with your organization.

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Deliver high quality care and impact-driven value for your program

We provide your clients with an innovative and state-of-the-art option for their medical needs. Your clients will enjoy an accessible and easy-to-use program that will yield results and revenue for you from day one. 

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Virtual is the future and it has arrived at Aroga.

Telemedicine is the future of healthcare here in Canada, and Aroga is ahead of the curve. Skip the lines at the doctor’s office, and enjoy the healthcare needs you want on your terms. 



2/3 people would use virtual care if provided by their employer.


4.8 million people over the age of 12 do not have a family doctor.


61% of family doctors cannot offer urgent appointments.


If your business is interested in utilizing Aroga for your continuing health care, you can fill out the easy and quick sign up and one of our business coordinators will reach out to you and schedule a call to discuss how Aroga can best serve you.

Additionally, you’re welcome to contact us directly at +1.888.80.AROGA if you have any questions.

Absolutely not. Aroga for business is designed to be a mobile and on-demand clinic for your employees. We have nurses and doctors across the nation and can meet and discuss concerns via chat, voice or video through the secured Aroga app

Aroga provides your employees and their families a preventative clinic that will work with them wherever you are. Whether your employee needs a prescription while at the cottage, or your employee needs a sick note due to the flu, Aroga provides these services without the need to go into a clinic or doctor’s office. We save them time, and you gain a happier, healthier, and more productive employee.

Aroga makes positive impacts to the health of your employees, their families, and your business.

On-Demand Virtual Care

With 365 days a year, 7 days a week access, Aroga On-Demand is a must for your team.   A robust, Canada-wide virtual care solution that will help you boost individual productivity, retain your people, and optimize your overall workplace environment.

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Executive Assessments

Comprehensive, lifestyle medicine annual health evaluations. An in-depth look at your health patterns with the intention of disease prevention.

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