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7 days a week, 365 days a year. Offer your employees super-convenient, on-demand virtual care in the palm of their hands.

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A fully-staffed, virtual clinic that fits into your employees’ pockets

An app that provides a seamless virtual personalized primary care support, fast and easy access, for all care needs that you shouldn’t need to have to physically go see a doctor for.

Fast and easy access, for all care needs that you shouldn’t need to have to physically go see a doctor for.

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Attract and Retain Talent

Employers who genuinely care about mental and physical health, and prove it with leading wellness benefits.

Save on health-related costs

By offering a holistic approach to virtual care, Aroga’s healthcare team can proactively address both physical.

Reduce Absenteeism

Help employees level up their productivity by offering a convenient, always-on-call alternative to in-person.

See happier & healthier people.

Empower employees and their families to be proactive with their health and mental wellness.

Requesting a consultation on Aroga is easy.

Step 1

Download and Open.

Virtual care with Aroga is as easy as opening the app and booking a same-day appointment. Your employee should be prepared to chat with a medical professional during the booking.

Step 2

Select your purpose & connect.

You will be paired with the relevant medical professional. Once reviewed, they will connect with the employee via our secured feed through chat, voice or video.

Step 3

Treatment and follow up.

Whether it is a sniffle or a significant injury, the Aroga app makes it easy. Your employee can get referrals, schedule a follow-up with an Aroga clinician and even receive their prescriptions and sick notes through the app!

I set up the app and had an appointment within 5 minutes. Jessica was amazing. We covered more in 15 minutes than I have in several appointments with our doctor, and I walked away with referrals, and tests, and some fantastic advice!

Lisa W.

On-Demand Virtual Care includes:

Live Chat with Nursing Team

Supported by Nurse Practitioners with direct and complete access to in-house GPs, Internists, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Emotional Wellness.

Medical Follow-ups

Built-in Assessments and Questionnaires for on-going reporting and tracking.

Virtual Consultation with Doctors

All consultations via dedicated app: phone/tablet/desktop.

Seamless Referrals to Specialists

Get streamlined referrals to in-house GPs, Internists, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Emotional Wellness, etc.

Same-day Appointments

Most appointments addressed under 45 minutes.

Healthcare System Guidance

We can help you navigate the healthcare system and make informed choices about your options and every step.

Aroga makes life better and positively impacts the health of your employees, their families, and your business.

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Many very large international corporations have medical personnel on staff to provide employees with immediate medical care as needed.  The objective is to avoid losing hours of employee productivity per concern spent in walk-in clinics, ERs and MD offices.  This traditional in-house option is not an option for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises and often is not cost-effective or practical for large distributed corporations and government entities.

Our On-Demand Virtual Care solution solves the challenge and allows your business or organization to play in the big leagues at a fraction of the cost, offering employees personal access to on-demand virtual health care.

This means that throughout the day and evening your employees and their families can request and receive secure video or telephone consultations from qualified health care practitioners who can evaluate, provide advice and prescribe treatment for many common medical concerns.  This follows your employees all over Canada and is accessible wherever there is internet or sufficient broadband wireless available.

Avoiding trips to a Walk-in clinic can save many hours of productivity and prevent acquisition of viral infections in waiting rooms.

You see productivity and employee satisfaction increase at the same time.  It’s a benefit you just cannot beat.

If your business is interested in utilizing Aroga for your continuing health care, you can fill out the easy and quick sign up and one of our business coordinators will reach out to you and schedule a call to discuss how Aroga can best serve you.

Additionally, you’re welcome to contact us directly at +1.888.80.AROGA if you have any questions.

Absolutely not. Aroga for business is designed to be a mobile and on-demand clinic for your employees. We have nurses and doctors across the nation and can meet and discuss concerns via chat, voice, or video through the secured Aroga app.

Aroga provides your employees and their families a preventative clinic that will work with them wherever you are. Whether your employee needs a prescription while at the cottage, or your employee needs a sick note due to the flu, Aroga provides these services without the need to go into a clinic or doctor’s office. We save them time, and you gain a happier, healthier, and more productive employee.

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