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We Think Differently

We’re a team of 35+ physicians and clinicians across 7 cities who care.  Using an outcomes-driven approach, we focus on the root cause of disease to improve health and wellbeing while helping our patients reduce their overall health concerns.


Healthcare professionals who listen and understand.

With a research-driven approach to care, the team at Aroga is changing the way we promote wellness and treat chronic illness. It’s about looking at someone as a totality, listening deeply, and then ultimately helping them determine how and why you got here.


We treat the root cause of your symptoms.

Our team works to treat the root cause of your problem, rather than the symptoms or its effects. The combined effect of all lifestyle pillars makes the transformative impact.


Aroga is a family. From our clinical staff to our physicians to our leadership, we are building a healthcare organization that we can be proud to call home. We are ambitious, and the best is yet to come.


Alnoor Sheriff


Amar S. Magon


Dr. Jesse Pewarchuk

Medical Director, Co-Founder

Dr. Jasdeep Saluja

Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder

Nishi Saluja

Head of Operations

Noreen Samra

Finance Manager

Sunny Hayer

Director of Operations ON

Meet our Doctors

Our team of Canadian physicians shares our vision of a clinic that focuses on lifestyle medicine. Each one of these doctors is phenomenal, and they bring their skills, clinical expertise and patient-first attitude every day.


Dr. Ian Gillespie


Dr. Islam Hassan


Dr. MC Gregoire


Dr. Laura Mclean

Sleep Medicine

Dr. Heidi Dutton


Dr. Maria Theodorou

Internal Medicine

Dr. David Burgess

Internal Medicine

Dr. Riley Hicks

Internal Medicine

Dr. Amardeep Mangat

Internal Medicine

Dr. Maggie Zhou

Internal Medicine

Dr. Nazia Hossain

Internal Medicine

Dr. Valerie Mueller


Dr. Gillian Simonett


Dr. Thomas Hedley

Family Medicine

Dr. Jade Dittaro

Family Medicine

Dr. Josh Levin

Family Medicine

Dr. Dan Mendrek

Family Medicine

Dr. Nicole Pewarchuk

Family Medicine

Dr. Stephen Sharp

Family Medicine

Dr. Jenna Creaser

Family Medicine, Therapuetic Yoga Instructor

Dr. Richard Bebb


Dr. Scott Stewart

Internal Medicine

Dr. Benjamin Sugars

Internal Medicine

Dr. Janice Wright

Family Medicine

Dr. Jessica Chen


Dr. Kim McKenzie

Geriatric Medicine

Meet our Clinical Staff

Our clinical staff is the heart of our operation. They ensure that we operate smoothly, and our patients get the attention that they need to succeed. They are here for you, and they cannot wait to help you on your journey.


Dr. Samrina M

Project Lead

Lex T

Patient Coordinator

Tegan N

Patient Coordinator

Nina K

Patient Coordinator

Krista S

Patient Coordinator

Joanne C

Patient Coordinator

Jaswinder S

Patient Coordinator

Christine M

Patient Coordinator

Chizuko M

Patient Coordinator

Dominique S

Health Coach & Registered Dietitian

Sarah L

Health Coach & Registered Dietitian

Debbie F

Health Coach & Registered Dietitian

Bernadette B

Clinical Counsellor

Ravneet D

Cardiology Technologist

Stephanie G

Program Coordinator

Gisele M

Patient Experience Manager

Bonnie S


Alyssa A

Patient Coordinator

Liv R

Health Coach & Registered Dietitian

Michael G

Nurse Practitioner

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Inspired to make a difference? We’re always looking to grow and work with new people. Come join our team.

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